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  • WHO









    Who is Windfall

    Just to clarify, we’ve nothing to do with the wind! Wind-fall, as in the business term;

    –adjective Accruing in unexpectedly large amounts: windfall profits

    Hello there. We’re a group of professionals that have acquired specialist and distinctive skills through years of training and experience. Here at Windfall we enjoy what we do, we love to be creative, to problem solve and face new challenges every day. We thrive on the pressure of tight deadlines, and the sleepless nights brought about by a discontent for anything less than a great idea. It’s what drives and makes us tick! And well, the fact that we love it so much means that you’ll receive your absolute pennies worth, and more! Your work is our work.


  • WHAT









    Our Specialties

    With our specialist abilities all rolled up into one solid workforce, we’re able to take any business; small, large, thin, fat, sleepy, dopey, bashful... where ever the mind may wonder! We can drive any business through the whole Marketing mix from Start to finish. Does your business need a new face? We’ll make it look pretty.

    You may already have the perfect brand but you don’t have a solid voice? We’ll shout for you, and in all the right places to make sure that YOU stand out, both online and offline. Our values reflect the very nature of our name; we’re all about return on investment, so think of it like Karma, except with your money. Please feel free to cycle through our full range of services, and see how we can help your business grow.











    Both Sides of the World

    We’re fortunate enough to have an office based in Clapham, London. On the down side, quite literally; we also have an office based in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia! Being situated within these key areas allows us to drum up business and tie links with some really great corporations. Although this is an added benefit, we’ll work for anyone, anywhere... and the price will be right. Who are we to deprive ourselves of our creative addiction? So let us help ourselves, by helping you. You could email us here, leave a quick query here, or call us on whichever of these lines is most convenient for you.

    UK: +44 (0) 203 731 6761      Australia: +61 (0) 9015 9665


  • WHEN









    The Time is Now

    The timing of each project variably depends on what the project actually consists of. So please allow us to bat the question back at you...When? We hate clichés here at Windfall. They lack originality and hardly show off anyone’s creative ability. Hopefully the very crafting of the following paragraph is creative enough to pull it off! Honesty is the best policy and the time IS now! Ok it’s been said, the Cat’s out the bag, don’t get your knickers in a twist, just keep your hair on! With all due respect, it’s the early bird that catches the worm and it’s not rocket science.

    On a more philosophical note, we encourage you to own your businesses future buy owning the present, which ultimately is a series of now. We believe that with our unique skill set we’re able to take your business higher and battle against the toughest of competitors. So let’s take a step together, one step at a time. Why not contact us now for some friendly advice... at the end of the day; you’ve got nothing to lose!

  • WHY








    Delivering Awareness and Quality

    If we haven’t managed to convince you so far, then this seems the most appropriate section to do just that!

    - Return on investment Windfall by name, windfall by nature. We’re pretty confident that for the money you pay, the quality of the work produced visually and conceptual will ultimately bring customers your way, whatever shape or form.

    - Unique range of skills Our skill set is designed to get you noticed; every link in our chain somewhere has an important part to play in taking your business higher. In retrospect, we don’t fall short and neither will you.


  • WOW!




    Attention to Detail

    Hopefully Wow summed up your first impression of our website! If it didn’t then please let us know, we’d love to do something about it. You see, we’re quite the perfectionists when it comes to doing what we do. If our names on it, we’re going to be proud of it.

    We’re meticulous over every project we take on from the founding concept through to development, completion and the on-going process of pushing brands further toward success; this is reflected in our work and the satisfaction of our clients. There’s even more Windfall wow factor as your investment returns a lot more than you expected. So let us take care of the how, and expect to be wowed.



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//   Print Design
//   Marketing & Communications
//   Advertising & Campaign Development


//   Website Design (ASP, PHP, XHTML)
//   Content Management Systems (CMS)
//   E-Commerce
(Podcasts, RSS, Blogs)
   Flash Animations and Flash Websites


//   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
//   Campaigns (PPC, Virals, Affiliate, Banners) 
//   Web Analytics
(Statistics, Reporting, Strategy)
   Website Auditing & Consultation